A warm welcome to you all,


our Kiss & Kiss Strawbags are mainly produced by women in a traditional fashion.

They use natural materials like elephant grass, natural colours and genuine leather.

All items are handmade and  a result of excellent craftsmanship.

To produce our hand woven Kiss & Kiss Bags the women separates the grass with the help of their teeth into the fine straws,

afterwards they get dyed in natural colors and only then, the process of the weaving starts. 

To finish one of these beautiful bags, it takes 3 days to 5 days, and they are produced in teams.

The designs of our various bags are individually sketched by us, and discussed with our local partners, as we see great value in sharing ideas and knowledge to get the best results.

These bags are the ideal companion to do your daily shopping, to have a nice picknick in the fields,  to relax at the beach as well to be the highlight of a dinner party.

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Kissenger & Kissengers Global Trade and Investment Consultant, Ovel Antony Peddy