Kiss & Kiss Fahrradkörbe


Our Kiss & Kiss Bicyclebags are handmade out of bamboo and come with varies options in size, coloure and way of hanging them.

They can be hooked onto a front carrier or be attached with the nice handmade leatherstraps unto the handle as well as being an eye-catcher on the side of the back carrier.

The various colourful cloth bags that come with it make it an easy task to unpack your shopping, protect your goods in the basket and bring a vibrant highlight unto your bike.

These bags are handmade by our dear men collective and even the bamboo is handcut. 

Make a move and enjoy your ride with the Kiss & Kiss Bicyclebags, there is only one of a kind.



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Kissenger & Kissengers Global Trade and Investment Consultant, Ovel Antony Peddy