Transport: Traveling a new path


Transport in itself is a way of communication, moving passengers and goods from one place to the other. Moreover it is an essential drive for a flourishing econnomy.


I found out personally, the share lack of public transport systems and infrastructures  in Ghana making transport a thing of a luxury.

Due to the share lack of investment on Ghana roads and railways systems, it has created cities and regions with ever increasingly traffic

and transport scenarios which is causing a burden and concern on the Ghana economy.

I had actually missed some of my planned business appointments and meetings due to these factors.

And I finally missed my return  flight from Accra ,Ghana back to Berlin ,Germany on the 5th of October 2015.


I witnessed the quality and the quantity of public systems, public buses, privately run buses operators, and as for railways its none existence.

I traveled to Dunkwa - On - Offin to visit my relatives on three occasions and attend meetings with local business representatives,

local government officials and the regional ruling Chiefs and Kings.

On all of these occasions, i had to arrive at the central bus station at 4.00am to be able to stand a chance of getting on board, as the amount

of buses going to these destinations are limited.


Basically there are only four Ghana Transport Authority buses going to these destinations, and they take off at 5.00am and 6.00am respectively which means the remaining passengers would have to take the privately run mini buses (Tro Tros), which are not well controlled and managed by the Ghana Transport Authority for safety and regulations. And after further analysis, thaught and discussions with my executives of advisors

I decided to seek the Capital Requirement to venture into this lucrative and ripped markets.


But due to lack of the financial capabilities to realize these goals and objectives I approached the European Investment Fund institution for

New start - up businesses financial loans and grants.


I have planned to purchase 4 buses initially to enter this booming regional markets to create employment and educational opportunities as well as revenues to establishe and facilitate the fundamental Kissenger & Kissengers mission statement.


Which is to create, develop and build a longlasting business initiatives. Collaborate, co- operate with the local, regional business representatives and the local folks to develop a social sustainable environmentally friendly and mainly affordable self development infrastructures, projects within these regions and the local commune.

These ideas, concepts and initiatives would be achieved with professional work and consultations with our German and other European partnerships.


The goals of the initiatives, concepts and projects are the following:


1. Creating classroom, school and playgrounds for at least twenty children initially, thus giving the ordinary and the vulnerable children whom their parents are not wealthy or do not have the nancial support and chance to access the basic necessities in life which is to read and write and be accountable in the general society.


2. Creating and making good use of the long hours of sun shine output in Ghana, thus introduc- ing environmentally friendly solar energy systems to the local and rural commune bringing them the much needed lights and energy required to further read, learn, social interactions activities, communal markets and households after 19pm when the sun has set down.


3. Building of water systems and installations, thus making healthier drinking water accessible to these local and rural inhabitants.


4. Introducing sanitaries systems, thus creating a new ways of toilet and its ecological recycling use.


5. Providing the local and rural commune health organization access with hospital apparatus and equipments. Thus saving the ordinary locals and rural inhabitants without enough nance, from traveling for common cure and treatments illnesses elsewhere in the country.


Furthermore we aim to build a longterm partnerships with the local business partners. In order to do so, we help the professionalism of business contacts and support the build up, growth of local talent, expertise on technology and the system used.

You would like further consultation?

We are happy to offer you our expertise and discuss with you possibilities of co-operation and opportunities for your ventures in Ghana/ Africa. 

You are welcome to contact us!

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Kissenger & Kissengers Global Trade and Investment Consultant, Ovel Antony Peddy