Aims: Recycling & Wastemanagement

Our company will build a sustainable pilot project on waste & recycling management.

This will include the introduction of the german Pfandsystem by this we will create employment, promote awareness on effects of climate change and eco systems. We see it as our aim to highlight our responsibility to support environmental friendly living and playing an active role in securing a better future for the next generations.

Kissenger & Kissengers will create long term solutions through sustainable apprenticeship training centers, where the recycled material can be used to develop other ecological and environmental friendly products.

In addition we will introduce the process of turning organic waste into alternative and renewable energy to be used for agricultural purposes.

This will save the local land owners on the long run enormous costs on chemical pesticide products, alongside ecological benefits and protection of the health of human beings and animals.

Further more these will be achieved thru cooperations and business relationships we have established with our German experts and partners, whom already have a vast wealth of experience, knowledge, technologies and the know-how on waste & recycling management systems. 



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Kissenger & Kissengers Global Trade and Investment Consultant, Ovel Antony Peddy