Since September 2015 Kissenger & Kissengers Global Trade & Investment Consultant Germany, has been engaged with Dunkwa -on- Offin local government in  co-operation with His Royal King Nana Obeng Nuarko III, local community leaders and business representatives to tackle the massive dump of solid waste in and around the surrounding areas and land fields.


Whereby Kissenger & Kissengers company plans to build and develop a pilot project on waste and recycling management, introducing a german Pfandsystem model at the former IHL industrial site Dunkwa -on- Offin Ghana from 2018 - 2025.

Thus creating employment opportunities, training programs and working side by side with the Anglican Primary School Dunkwa-on-Offin Ghana on recycling awareness and  sharing the much needed know-how, technologies  from our german expert partners.


We decided to implement this pilot project in Dunkwa -on- Offin as my roots, culture and heritage stem from there.



Our current analysis suggests that, if there are no appropriate efforts, effective collaboration, establishment of longterm sustainable solutions,  infrastructures, including the provision of financial support to implement and improve the current situation in African countries, we will continue to see young African men, women and children taking drastic measures.

Walking through northern African deserts to Lybia, where they embark on the perilous journey through the mediterranean sea to Italy  Europe.


On May 29th 2017 thousand young African economic migrants were rescued by the EU Maritime & Boarder Rescue Mission teams with hundreds losing their lives trying to change their current humanitarian conditions in their home countries.


What would have been the consequences had this rescue team not been available?     


Once more many African migrants would have faced tragic death which can be prevented.


And what future awaits those „ rescued“?

What chances do they really have in Europe?

Where the societies, economies and living standards are highly planned and developed. To be able to participate and integrate into these structured systems one needs  higher education requirements and knowledge, which many African migrants lack.


We do not see nor agree that the mass migration is an appropriate solution for countless people to abandon their home countries in pursuit  of a better life and fulfillment of basic human rights and needs elsewhere e.g. education, employment, health, social welfare.


It is about time to create new perspectives and hopes for the people at home!


Therefore Kissenger & Kissengers aims to establish these concepts within the time frame of 10 years, 2015 to 2025 at it´s full operation.






- Build a sustainable pilot project on waste & recycling management, introducing   

   the german Pfandsystem to create employment,  promote awareness on effects of

   climate change, eco systems, highlighting our responsibility to support environmental

   friendly living, playing an active role in securing a better future for the next generations.


- Build a long term solution, sustainable apprenticeship training centers, where the     

   recycled material can be used to develop other ecological and environmental friendly   



Introduction of the process of turning organic waste into alternative and renewable

   energy to be used for agricultural purposes, which will save the local land owners

   enormous costs on chemical pesticide products, alongside ecological benefits and

   protection of the health of human beings and animals.


-  Further more these would be achieved thru cooperations and business relationships

   we have established with our German experts and partners, whom already have

   a vast wealth of experience, knowledge, technologies and the know-how on

   waste & recycling management systems.




Introduction of waste bins to private households, business premises, high streets and communal areas.


-  Introduction  of high quality controlled standard  and supervisory services to our

   customers and the communities.


Introduction of Pfandsystems into Supermarkets, Schools, Health Centers and

   Shopping malls


Introduction of employment to the currently unemployed youth as majority of  them

   are out of employment and training.


Introduction of new materials and products from the recycled resources and raw

   materials e.g  clothing, furnitures, interior design furnishing and asphalt for road



Introduction of waste collection fees.









Currently ZOOM LION is the sole and known waste collector operating in Ghana, a country with over 26.2 millions population ( 2013 consensus ) and their main method of operating is collecting the solid waste from one location and dumping it at other locations.


Therefore we would be visionaries of the holistic waste management and recycling systems in Dunkwa -on- Offin.


After the successful implementation of our pilot project, we plan to introduce it to other regions and districts in Ghana Africa.


The founder of Kissenger & Kissengers is a bridge between Europe and Africa, familiar with both cultures and societies.

This advantage of multiculturalism is of immense significance to build long lasting business ties and ensure the success of new implementations.

Many good ideas and eager visionaries have previously lacked knowledge about the culture and local customs and therefore failed in the end.

We are looking for involvement of both continents to create a new and a better reality for communities Ghana Africa.






We have the acknowledgement and support from Dunkwa -on- Offin district

    Member of  Parliament Nana Amoako.


We have the acknowledgement and co-operation from His Royal Highness King

    Nana Obeng Nuarko III, whom have made former IHL industrial site available

    for our pilot project development.


We also have the support of the Anglican Primary School, Victory Bible Church, and

    most importantly we have built a good working relationship with the

    Dunkwa -on- Offin youth leaders and organizations.


Further more we have wealth of support from our networks of professionals and experts

   from Bremen Germany.


❖ Jan Kuhnke - Consultant


❖ Anton Blinkhege -  Business Owner ,Estate Developer


❖ Lutz Bernard  - Lawyer &  Cooperate Consultant


❖ Albl Manfred  - Lawyer and  Economic Mediator


❖ Dr. Eng. Andreas Schneider - Architect


❖ Prof. Roland W. Schulze -  communication and media scientist ,Bremen University




Cleaner cities, communities and better living conditions for the local inhabitants


Cleaner, safer treatable drinking water and sanitation in the households and



Stopping the vicious cycle of uncontrolled dumping of rubbish in and around

   surrounding sites and landscapes


Reducing the negative effects on the environment and the climate


Reducing the pollution, contamination of rivers, spreading diseases unto animals

   and  humans


Reducing poisonous and  toxic fumes into the atmosphere and the eco- systems


Responsible and beneficial use and treatment of waste


- Turning organic waste into alternative and renewable energy






-  Pass on information to other enthusiasts


Collaboration & partnership


-  Donations & offers


Team player & support


Become part of our interesting and meaningful start-up company.

Perhaps you are also young, talented, determined, motivated and want to play a leading role in helping with the development and shaping of the future of these vulnerable local and rural communities in Dunkwa -on- Offin Ghana Africa.


You are welcome!


To realize this vision, pilot project and other planned concepts we will need financial  support. And we welcome any kind of support.

Thank you very much for your kindness and attention.



IBAN:   DE 30 7001 1110 6012 2190 90




For any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us










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