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Ghana has a wealth of potential to diversify and increase Non traditional Export (NTE) receipts. 

After consultations with goverment agiencies, private sector associations and some industry leaders, as well as review of performance trends of the NTE products over the years has identified the following products as having great potential to lead Ghana export diversification agenda: Cocoa processing, Horticultural products, fresh and processed fish, Palmoil, Cashew nuts, Sheabutter, Oil seeds,natural rubber, Yam, medical plants.


The strong performance of these export products along with the potential Ghana has in terms of favorable climate and the vast lands with good soil, shows that these products has the enormes capacity to diversify Ghana export mandate. 


However one should also note that the success of export orientated policies is dependent on future foreign demands.


Currently our company priority and objectives lies on exporting natural, handmade products and goods from Ghana:

such as traditionaly, handwoven bamboo/ cane furnitures, strawbags, baskets, unrefinded Sheabutter, pure Cocobutter, traditional Blacksoap as well as handmade fabric bags and accesories to our stores in Bremen Germany.


As we are looking to further sales and expansion of our market in the near future to serve more clients & customers in other regional markets within Germany.


Hereby we aim to establish a longlasting network and partnership between Ghana- Africa and Germany - Europe.


Our future Africa will be tradition and advancement in one.









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