Mission Statement


It is the mission of this business initiative to promote and develop effective, affordable environment friendly and humanitarian infrastructure projects with local business partners in Africa.

This will be achieved by the mediation of fair business contracts between German and African business partners. It is the aim to solve existing problems that prevail in Africa.


Therefore we endeavor to promote projects within the fields of:


• Solar cell technology for power generation
• Water systems (pipe connections for drinking water supply)

• Sanitation (communal toilet systems)
• Hospital and medical equipment


Furthermore, we aim to build a long-term partnership with the local business partners.

In order to do so, we help the professionalization of business contacts and support the buildup of local expertise on the technologies employed. This will enable self-reliance on the African side.

In addition, further trade facilitation can enhance prosperity in the African communities and introduce promising African goods into the German market, thereby creating a win-win situation.

We are happy to offer you our expertise and discuss with you possibilities of co-operation and opportunities for your ventures in Ghana/ Africa. 

You are welcome to contact us!

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Kissenger & Kissengers Global Trade and Investment Consultant, Ovel Antony Peddy